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  • We help overworked go-getter women leaders 40 & up achieve a more FUN and FULFILLING life by confidently trying something new and creating new memories with inspiration, ideas, step-by-step resources and support in our VIP concierge community.

  • Are you ready to finally go after what fun YOU want?

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Everyone in our community commits to going after our NEXT adventure, whether it's a creative or an active experience, and we know the journey and the destination will bring us more personal fulfillment and more joy in our daily lives.

Will you be like Julie who loves & recommends hot air ballooning?

Will you take your first pottery class?

What have you really wanted to do but just keeps putting it off or just keep never getting around to it?

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We will help you set up the steps to actually DO it and then support you and ensure you keep your fun NEXT at the top of your personal priority list - don't YOU let any more time go by!

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